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Breeding Permit #: P20-002160

European Doberman Breeders in FL


European Doberman Breeders in Florida

Interested in a protection dog in Florida or Nationwide? Contact us as we have an available trained protection dog ready to go to an approved home or business. Contact us at (239) 316-0785


AJT’s “Taz”­manian­Devil

In Training (IPO 1, IPO2)

Taz is an extremely muscular, compact, powerful girl with determination and heart. She gives all of who she is at every moment. Taz is a very talented dog in all aspects of her work, most notably in her supreme athleticism. She is deeply committed to working and has intense ball drive, prey drive & hunt drive. She is balanced in prey, fight and defense. She’s loyal and loves getting affection. Taz is clear headed and possesses a very strong bond with her handler. Outside of her work, Taz is the complete family dog and brings affection, loyalty and much joy. She is a social girl, and tolerant of toddlers.

26 inches tall, 75 lbs

AJT’s “Regal Tessa”

In Training (IPO 1, IPO2)

Tessa is an amazing dog. She has a very open character and is very bright, and mentally stable. She is an incredible problem solver. Nothing gets by Tessa. She's fun, outgoing and has a big personality. She's very easy to train, extremely willing to please and do the right thing. She is also a fantastic protection dog and enjoys working. Tessa has amazing tracking skills and is able to stay focused for long periods of time. She is also extremely energetic and enjoys all outdoor activities including running, swimming and fetch. Tessa’s father had an endurance title, which explains the motor that she has in terms of her working ability. Tessa is a phenomenal family dog, and she enjoys being with her family and children. We trust Tessa explicitly with any of our kids anywhere, anytime and in any situation.

Eyes, Heart, Hips, Elbows, Back, VWD Cleared, Cardio FREE
Weight 85lbs, Height 27.5 inches


Sheba is the ultimate family companion. She absolutely LOVES being the center of attention. She is extremely outgoing and has a beautiful open character. She's very stable and social with all people, children, dogs and other animals. Sheba was one of those rare puppies that was never destructive around the home while growing up; still to this day, she never does anything wrong. It's normal to find our children sleeping on her belly because Sheba welcomes it. She's one of the fastest and most athletic dogs that we have. Sheba enjoys chasing tennis balls, swimming, wrestling with her buddies or lounging around the house. She has great size,(26.5 inches tall at the withers and weighs 80lbs), excellent prey drive and food drive. As sweet as she is, Sheba is an excellent watch dog and is quick to alert if anything or anybody is near our property. 


Zara has an amazing temperament and would be an excellent candidate for a therapy dog. She often assists Jermaine at our training school with evaluating dogs because she has such an exquisite temperament. Zara is Tessa's daughter and she is an absolute sweet heart. She has a very high food drive and high prey drive which helps her excel at working sports such as Schutzhund. She is SUPER social with all people, loves children, dogs and other animals and she especially enjoys to give kisses. Zara has excellent size (26 inches tall, weighs 75lbs,) speed & conformation. She enjoys playing fetch, training and being the center of attention. She's always on alert and is a fantastic watch dog.

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