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European Doberman Breeders in Florida


European Doberman Breeders in Florida

Interested in a protection dog in Florida or Nationwide? Contact us as we have an available trained protection dog ready to go to an approved home or business. Contact us at (239) 316-0785

And The Oscar Goes To Linus Sandgren

Xander, (Son of Thor Del Nasi an IPO3 Schutzund Champion and World Winner of Show) is our young super star stud. This guy has it all: size, athleticism, power, balanced prey & food drive, great nerves and most importantly an exceptional temperament. Xander is extremely social with all people, children and other dogs. Xander has a unique open character and lights up the room with his presence and ability to connect with everybody he meets. Xander is an active boy that loves chasing tennis balls, wrestling with the other dogs and snuggling with our family. He is an excellent working dog and will do anything to 'please' his family. He's always on alert and has a deep loud bark that can be heard from the end of our street if he 'questions' anything going on around our property. 

Blade - SOLD

Blade is a perfect territorial guard dog. He combines his size, fit, muscular frame, large, powerful, boxy­jaw and his confidence to be the ultimate guarder. Blade takes everything very personal, which is really what you are looking for in a personal protection dog. He is perfect for military, police, or business that needs a security dog. His size strength and fearlessness are the stellar combination to allow him to stand alongside soldiers or officers. Nothing is getting through Blade!

Weight 105 lbs, Height 31 inches
Available currently in MA, Can go National and International.

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