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European Doberman Breeders in Florida


In German, Schutzhund, actually means “protection dog.” But the sport of Schuzhund encompasses much more than just ensuring that a dog can guard. According to its official description, the sport of Shushed, “measures a dog’s mental stability, endurance, structural efficiencies, ability to scent, willingness to work, courage and trainability.” Therefore, because our Doberman parents have not only all trained for and competed in this sport, but also titled in it, your new Doberman pup comes with a Pedigree of a sport dog that’s equal to a world champion show dog. Its parents have passed temperament tests, up time into trail tracking training, and mastered personal protection training, proving with certainty that they are intelligent, athletic, and ultimately excellent at taking direction. Which is just what you want as you go on to form your puppy’s character to fit your family’s life and needs.

Our Doberman lines are free of hip dysplasia, eye disease, bad tempermemt, and poor conformation. These are some traits that show up in “bad” Doberman breeding that would never be accepted in the Schuzhund competition rings. So you can be assured that all of ’s Doberman pups are healthy little athletes ready for whatever you are – be it an energetic family pet, a personal protection or guard dog, a Doberman therapy dog, a tracking dog or our next Schuzhund title holder!

If you have been looking for the best Doberman family, guard dogs, with a world champion pedigree, Schutzhund, IPO and VPG Working Titles in Personal Protection, Tracking, Obedience in Florida or Nationally contact us today at (239) 316-0785 or email AJdobermans@gmail.com


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